Surely it is safer to operate with laughter than with solemnly rebellious speeches.
It is the safer of two unsafe ways.
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Connecticut College students and a professor of neuroscience have found “America’s favorite cookie” is just as addictive as cocaine – at least for lab rats. And just like most humans, rats go for the middle first.

Not surprised / craving Oreos.

Darren Cullen (aka Spelling Mistakes Cost Lives) has an ETSY page and it is amazing.

Christmas gifts? SOLVED

"Clickbait by any other name sucks just as much"
"Why 4 mediocre titles aren’t better than 1—the answer may shock you!"
"The bullshit that websites should stop doing. Now."
"How Slate is Making the World Worse"

I’ve noticed an infuriating trend: multiple links and titles for a single article. Slate, predictably, is the worst offender. For example, a recent post about earbuds:

  • "I Hate My Earbuds. So I Searched for Something Better." -Slate homepage
  • "My Quest to Find Perfect Earbuds" -Also on the Slate homepage
  • "The Horror of Earbuds" -Title on the article
  • "Earbuds that won’t fall out: Testing EarHero, Yurbuds, StayHere tips, and more." -Tab & hyperlink text

I don’t know if this is some kind of weird A/B testing, if Slate is trying to game Google search, if they’re just messing with us, or all of the above. What I am sure of is that it’s nonsense and should stop.

King of the forest.

Patriotic pie.

Our research—conducted in the summer of 2013—reveals that 85 percent of executives disapprove of professional women who wear shoes that are too pointy.
Feel like this animal really gets me, ya know?

Feel like this animal really gets me, ya know?

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Is there any icecream left?
uichelle uichelle Said:

Fuck no.

In case you’ve ever wondered about the rollercoaster-looking thing by the Queensboro/59th St/Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge:

Will update if the situation changes.

In real life, depression does not look like it does in Zoloft commercials. There’s absolutely nothing cute about it, and it doesn’t feel like I’m rolling along under a puffy gray cloud and feeling a little down in the dumps.

Holy shit, my mind is blown </sarcasm>. Other potential topics for discussion:

  • Pampers doesn’t care about your baby.
  • Activia doesn’t cause a giant arrow to appear in your stomach.
  • Viagra won’t make your wife love you.
  • Those kids in the Ovaltine commercial are terrible.
  • Makeup doesn’t cure acne.
  • A Veloster won’t help you have a threesome.

Summer sprinkle cones are ruling my life.

When I have a strong preference in the absence of evidence, it’s a philosophy; when other people have it, it’s a bias.